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Forums - General Discussion - VGC Most Attractive User 2016 - Stage 1 - EXTRA S.T.A.G.E.

5p - busbfran
5p - guiduc
4p -jranation
4p - Truck0Saurus
3p - soulsamurai
3p - Olivernintentoal
2p - Clyde
2p - VXIII
1p - hatmoza
1p - Wyrdness

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PS4: 85-95m
X1: 55-65m
WiiU: 20-30m

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pbroy said:
aLkaLiNE said:

Is it it too late to enter. I have cookies

You are so hot!! and no you can't enter. Should have applied 30 minutes ago.

Yeah, hes a strong competitor alright. There are some surprising late ones. :)

Not quite sure how this round works and tbh it's a tricky one to decide, I'll copy clyde as he has the best avatar.

5p - busbfran
5p - Olivernintentoal
4p - S.T.A.G.E.
4p - TheBlackNaruto
3p - guiduc
3p - Shadow8
2p - VXIII
2p - Jranation
1p - Stellar_Fungk
1p - Clyde32

Man this is a hard round! So many choices! Here goes nothing! 

5p-Guiduc (Love the pic. You killed it!)
5p-Oliverintentoal (James bond? I think so. Stylish)
4p-Soul Samurai (Welcome back. You deserve it! Glad you voted this time)
4p-Busbfran (Good looking but sideways)
3p-Truckosaurus (Good looking but sideways)
3p-wyrdness (killing the pro shot with that album cover)
2p-swordfish (Cool looking guy. You've got my vote!)

Damn this was tough. Im just glad didnt get to vote for myself because I still wouldn't have. There are too many people here to count. This was definitely the toughest round of them all for me based on numbers.

5p - busbfran
5p - guiduc
4p - TheBlackNaruto
4p - Truck
3p - Carl
3p - Oliver
2p - Clyde
2p - VXIII
1p - jranation
1p - Stage

The absence of evidence is NOT the evidence of absence...

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5p - busbfran
5p - Olivernintentoal
4p - guiduc
4p - Wyrdness
3p - S.T.A.G.E.
3p - hatmoza
2p - 
2p - VXIII
1p - TheBlackNaruto
1p - Clyde32

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Cloudman said:
Why is stage so big??? Makes his pic look weird D: ANyways

5p - STAAAAAAAAGE (Tho you clean shaved! Kinda like the fuzz on your face.. D: )
5p - Buddy Truck xD
4p - Oliver
4p - Carl
3p - Wyrdness
3p - Jranation
2p - bubsfran
2p - Guidac
1p - TheBlackNaruto

It shall be back, my friend. Haha...the thing about shaving is that what tries to get rid of always returns. Hahaha Thanks for the vote!

S.T.A.G.E. said:

5p-Oliverintentoal (James bond? I think so. Stylish)

Thanks for the compliment! (BTW I think I like your stubble better too)

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Ok lets get to vote:

p5 - soulsamurai
p5 - busbfran
p4 - The BlackNaruto
p4 - Olivernintentoal
p3 - guiduc
p3 - Swordf1sh
p2 - hatmoza
p2 - TruckOSaurus
p1 - Jranation
p1 - Clyde32

That was challenging tbh! lol

A few hours left to vote, people. Vote your favourites through!


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