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Forums - General Discussion - VGC Most Attractive User 2016 - Stage 1 - EXTRA S.T.A.G.E.

Why is stage so big??? Makes his pic look weird D: ANyways

5p - STAAAAAAAAGE (Tho you clean shaved! Kinda like the fuzz on your face.. D: )
5p - Buddy Truck xD
4p - Oliver
4p - Carl
3p - Wyrdness
3p - Jranation
2p - bubsfran
2p - Guidac
1p - TheBlackNaruto



Dance my pretties!

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Hmm this one will take some time. Tag.

5 pts - S.T.A.G.E. (You look hot, buddy)
5 pts - busbfran
4 pts - TheBlackNaruto
4 pts - Jranation
3 pts - Wyrdness
3 pts - hatmoza
2 pts - tonymarraffa
2 pts - soulsamurai
1 pt - tbone51
1 pt - Stellar_fungk

5 pts - guiduc
5 pts - wyrness
4 pts - stage
4 pts - busbfran
3  pt - carl2291
3 pt - The black naruto
2 pt - VXII
2 pt - jrnation
1 pt - swordfish
1 pt - olivernintentoal 

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You couldn't even throw me in this round even? Can we at least have a round where cats are allowed?

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That is a lot. Will get back to this one.

5p. guiduc
5p. S.T.A.G.E. ( Like a BOSS )
4p. TruckOSaurus
4p. Jranation ( even though he hates me )
3p. busbfran
3p. Carl2291
2p. soulsamurai
2p. Olivernintentoal
1p. Clyde32

daaaaang, so many nice guys in here and on top we have STAGE! so hard to chose!

Woah! So many people here that are genuine contenders.

5p - S.T.A.G.E - Badass!
5p - Stellar_Fungk - Cool dude!
4p - Wyrdness - Gangsta!
4p - Jranation - Asian pin up!
3p - guiduc - Dat stare!
3p - Olivernintendoal - Dat pose!
2p - TheBlackNaruto - Dat suit!
2p - hatmoza - Dat stance!
1p - Clyde32 - Deep in thought!
1p - Shadow8 - Dat smile!

Thanks spurge, I didn't even make your top 10 :( this will put a strain on our relationship :p

Even after all these years I'd still roll around in a bed with trucks if I ever got my hands on him.
Who else do I have to flirt with to get some votes?

I need time to decide.

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