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Forums - General Discussion - VGC Most Attractive User 2016 - Stage 1 - Round 5

Welcome to VGC's Most Attractive User Tournament of 2016! In the elimination process, you will vote for who you think is the most attractive user in the round.


1. Vote from your favourite to least favourite. 5p is full points, 1p is 1 point.

5p - David de Gea
4p - Jesús Navas
3p - Fernando Torres
2p - Mario Gomez
1p - Ciro Immobile

2. One vote per round.
3. Must have over 250 posts.
4. No flaming or insults will be tolerated. Not even sly digs.
5. For users participating: If you appear in this round and don't vote, you will be penalized 5 points.

The 2 highest voted in this round will advance to Stage 2.

Still accepting walk-ons on the registration thread till the end of Round 6.

BONUS: If you vote in every round on Stage 1, you will be granted a special power for the walk-on round.

Users in this round: soulsamurai, Mordred11, jason1637, Pest, Paatar.

Round 4 Results:

golfgt170 - 109

nero - 97 minus 5 = 92

TruckOSaurus - 90

ninjapirate42 - 84

The_BlackHeart__ - 85 minus 5 = 80

Users Advancing to Stage 2:


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p5 - soulsamurai
p4 - mordred11
p3 - pest
p2 - paatar
p1 - jason 1637

Who let the fucking nutter win?!?!

5p - Pest - Easy winner
4p - jason1637 - love the fact he's got his beloved 3DS into the picture. It's like LipeJJ's profile pic with his cat
3p - soulsamurai - looks like a game character that I can't think of right now...
2p - Paatar - are you pouting? Who to? Is it to spurge? Everybody loves spurge!
1p - Mordred11 - looks like somebody sent their picture here instead of Fling.

5p- Paatar (love the hair!)
4p- soulsamurai
3p- Pest
2p- jason1637
1p- mordred11

5p - Mordred11 - Looks like he gets a lot of poon.
4p - Pest - Slick looking dude.
3p - Paatar - A snazzy dresser.
2p - soulsamurai - Looks like a badass lumberjack.
1p - jason1637 - Too many gadgets distracting the photo.


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5p - Mordred - very cute!
4p - Pest
3p - Soulsamurai
2p - Paatar
1p - Jason

JetSetter said:
5p- Paatar (love the hair!)
4p- soulsamurai
3p- Pest
2p- jason1637
1p- mordred11

5p - andrespetmonkey

4p - soul

3p - Mordred

2p = patar

1 - -jaspn

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Eh, tough round!

5p - Paatar (he looks so sexy!)
4p - SoulSamurai
3p - Pest
2p - Mordred
1p - Jason

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5p mordred
4p paatar
3p myself
2p soulsam
1p jason

5p - Pest
4p - soulsamurai
3p - Mordred11
2p - Paatar
1p - jason1637

bet: lost