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d21lewis said:
All of you "I never want a game to do badly" people make me sick! You all KNOW you've gotten just a little bit of joy when that game that was going to challenge your favorite title wound up sucking! Go ahead and admit it. You liked when Prototype wasn't as good as inFamous, didn't you? You liked when Sonic started becoming garbage because you love Super Mario.

I know you. I know you intimately. I know what goes on in the depths of your souls. Just admit it. Embrace your hatred.

It serves no purpose and it's not a healthy mindset for the video game industry. I firmly believe in that saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure". Just because I don't like certain genres or IPs, that doesn't mean that those should die off. Other people like those genres and IPs, too. Variety is good because everyone has something to play.

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Well even though I wouldn't enjoy some games I don't want them to be bad for those that like em. Let's say a Fifa (since I don't like football games) or COD since I am not a fan of that either. I do on the other hand want some games to be better than others. I want GT sports to be better than GT6 and Horizon better than Killzone 2/3. But even that remains within studios.


I sometimes do want some games to do better or worse in the sales compartment (never made at a loss) purely out of motivational reasons for the company. I like the fact that GOW 3 remastered moved not many units and I want it to do way less than remasters/remakes in which more energy is put into. For that instance I would like to see R&C selling over 3 million (which would be very good for the series) and motivating Sony to make more effort into remaster/remake games. Just as I hope supermassive's Until Dawn would encourage Sony to partner up with smaller devs (or buying them in the process) to develop AAA games.

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Ultrashroomz said:
kooltrex said:

Why though? Shovel Knight is a really good game.

I personally didn't think it was that great, and honestly, I think it's a little overrated.

As a guy who loves games like Mega Man, it kinda disappointed me.

Believe me, you should see how I act when I saw people asking for Shovel Knight in Smash, I acted like a savage. xD

I really like the game but I can agree it is very overrated but I honestly think it it deserved it

Why did it disappoint you as a Mega Man fan?

and yeah the smash thing is always annoying I can agree with you on that lol

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Any game I'm interested in on a console I do not have, so as to justify me not paying for the console for the game.

That said, if it's a game I'm not interested in or never will have been interested in in the first place, no.

Typically I don't root for games to be bad...though I do root for bad games to sell poorly. Probably about the pettiest I can get.

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Probably almost any game EA makes since they refuse to make another General Chaos. I did break my EA boycott with NFS: Most Wanted U purchase after Criterion Games pretty much died.

kooltrex said:

Why did it disappoint you as a Mega Man fan?

I guess as a fan of classic Mega Man, I was expecting a platformer that required rather good reflexes and whatnot to get past levels, with rather fluid combat with the mega buster.

Shovel Knight didn't feel super punishing, and combat always felt off to me, like pogoing an enemy in Shovel Knight never felt satisfying to me.

Again, just my opinion, I honestly don't like Shovel Knight, and I'm not really looking forward to a sequel, nor could I care if it sucks.

Many times. Right now i want Shenmue 3 to suck just because i think it'll be very funny if one of the most anticipated games ever turns out to be crap.

During the very beginning of this generation I was crossing my fingers every time a ps4 game released that it would suck. And it kept happening time and time again. It was hilarious. Bloodborne finally broke that curse, and it hasn't really ever been the same since.

Ive never wanted a game to be bad.
Ive wanted a game to sell bad, to make the developers of said game realise they did something wrong (imo) ect.