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Which one gotta go?

Uncharted 14 18.67%
Tomb Raider 23 30.67%
Batman: Arkham 38 50.67%

Hello everyone, once again we are back with the weekly "one gotta go" series

Last editon  3 pretty hardcore characters faced each other, however the demi-god and his 3rd adventure was picked as the hack and slash game that has to go.

Time for a new contest please read before you vote because some people misunderstood and voted wrong.

So what´s this thing about? easy, I choose 3 games (or franchises) of the same genre (or similar) and you pick the one you would eliminate from history (meaning it never existed so you never got a chance to play it)


Please be sure to share some comments when you vote because I do like reading your thoughts

If you have some ideas for the contest please let me know (I know I can use some )


Let´s take a look at the 3 franchises of this edition







So, which one gotta go?






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This is a bit tough.


I finished Uncharted 1 and 2 last month - and really love both games.


I finished Batman Arkham City GOTY last month and finished Batman Arkham Asylum back in 2014. Really love the series.


I also started on Tomb Raider yesterday l0l


I guess I'll go with Tomb Raider :(!


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Tomb Raider

Sprash said:
Tomb Raider

Seriously? You do realize that one of the choices is Batman, right?

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Batman. I only played Arkham City, but that one was boring enough for me to not even try any other entry in the series.

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Never really played any of these games tbh, but if I had to choose one, probably Batman.

Too easy. Batman. Not even a remotely hard choice. Haven't played any of the games or watched any of the movies etc and have no intention to ever do so. Wouldn't miss it at all.

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Send away batman. Loved both the other two. Especially tomb raider.

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Batman & uncharted have much better story.
So my vote is for tomb raider.

Tomb Raider.

Uncharted is a better Tomb Raider, and we don't need two similar games when we could have variety.

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