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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Square Enix new released footage of Metal Gear Solid5 chapter 3

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This game is shaping up really well. Hype intensifies

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I can't spoil myself too much, but judging by the comments; sounds interesting.

Man I wish they would just release the demo publicly

Doesnt really look much like a RPG at all anymore.. not sure if that is a good thing (sales wise for them).

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Looks pretty amazing. Not a big fan of the stealth section, but everything else looks very good. Fall 2016 release date I'm guessing. 

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Wow, looks fantastic. The combat is really looking some steps above modern JRPGs. The stealth also looks really nice and adds variety; but that's a thing this game won't have to worry.

Hopefully this game is not too much for common people to fully appreciate when its launched, cause it certainly looks like something ahead of its time.

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This looks awesome. Haters will hate.

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Looks extremely impressive. FF purist or not it's a game to try out.

I want to see the new battle system control they mentioned though. They said there wouldn't be difficulty options, but that there would be an alternative way to play the game.

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