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No, they try but in the end their games can't deliver


Jumpin said:
Can't say I have heard of them, but their games look a little 2011... Kind of dated.


This is really a really funny post or one of the most surprising I have ever seen.

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I think pretty much every publisher beats them. Thye may release a fair few games but they all seem very samey to me. Not much new or that interests me.

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As a publisher and developer they are good since they push out many kinds of games. Far Cry,Just Dance,Assasins creed,South Park, Child of Light,Tom clancy etc

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ubisoft is a joke. They had plenty of gems last gen, but now they've turned to crap!

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Ubi has never been a fav of mine. They're around the bottom, along with EA, haha.



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Ubisoft is the paradigm for which all developers should strike a balance. Yeah they push yearly's which I don't buy. But they push yearly's and new IPs with baddassery. They are striking a very nice balance between creativity and profit. EA is pure profit driven and Nintendo is largely more creativity driven. Ubisoft has made me a big supporter of theirs by giving me so many of my most recent favorite games. They all happen to be on Wii U; Assassin's Creed III & IV, Splintercell Blacklist, Watchdogs, Rayman Legends, and ZombiU! I give all of these games a perfect score.

I never payed any of the games you mentioned. Child of Light sounds good though.

Not even close...