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Dr.Vita said:
KazumaKiryu said:

this topic is maybe a joke, i dont know ^^ you are right.

That aren't exclusive games. Most of them are coming to PSV, PS3 or PC too.

Megaoverlord 12 is counting games that are also available on PS3 or PC. Just not Vita.

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Project treasure for wii u was announced for a release in japan.

what about pc?

Well that's a shit list allround

pest said:
what about pc?

What about it? 

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Azuren said:
pest said:
what about pc?

What about it? 

its a relevant games platform with major exclusives, so id be interested in a list for it as well

Only a couple of games interests me so hopefully those won't get delayed..

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Looks like an amazing year for all platforms!! Well except for maybe the xbox one...

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No VR games?

getting 8 for my PS4 it looks like. Though Sony is good with the quick turnarounds so I wouldn't be surprised if we get a November surprise or two like LBP3 in 2014

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