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Which one gotta go?

Diddy Kong Racing 64 26 32.91%
Crash Team Racing 42 53.16%
Mario Kart 64 11 13.92%

Hello VGCharts and welcome to the first edition of "One gotta go". I took this idea from a gaming podcast and I thought it would be a good idea to bring that concept here.

So what´s this thing about? easy, I choose 3 games (or franchises) of the same genre (or similar) and you pick the one you would eliminate from history (meaning it never existed so you never got a chance to play it)

Without further ado let´s take a look at the 3 games of this edition:








So, Which one gotta go?


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Between these three options, I would go with Crash Team Racing.

However, Mario Kart Wii is the best kart game I've ever played.

Crash Team Racing.

The one I never got to play out of the three of course.


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Diddy Kong Racing.

The other two games just grew on me and were huge parts of my childhood. Never really cared for DKR tbh.

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Crash Team Racing.

No doubt about that.

I wasn´t expecting that many votes for CTR.

As for my pick, Diddy Kong Racing is an easy choice because it´s the one I enjoyed the least.


Mario Kart 64.. I actually think it's the worst out of the three while still being good/ok and probably the worst Mario Kart especially single player


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Diddy Kong Racing is still the best Karting game ever made. I never played CTR so I voted for Mario Kart 64 as i was massively disappointed with it after the fantastic SNES original

CTR, The other 2 I played this I did not so the choice is easy.

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