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Forums - Music Discussion - Favourite Music // 2015 Edition

Favourite Music // 2015 Edition

[2014 Edition]

Of Monsters and Men - Beneath The Skin
  • Best Overall 2015 Album
  • Best Indie/Folk Release
  • Best Female Fronted Release
  • Best Written Album
  • Best Song (Wolves Without Teeth)
Dream On Dreamer - Songs of Solitude
  • Best Male Fronted Release
  • Best Post-Hardcore Release
NF - Mansion
  • Best Solo Artist Release
  • Best Rap Release
Silverstein - I Am Alive In Everything I Touch
Alesana - Decade EP
  • Best EP
Atena - Shades of Black Wont Bring Her Back
  • Best Metalcore Release


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Ride The Chariot

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Satan - Atom by Atom

Melechesh - Enki

Deathhammer - Evil Power

George Kollias - Invictus

Peste Noire - La Chaise-Dyable

Inculter - Persisting Devolution

Leviathan - Scar Sighted

Ævangelist - Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss

Amorphis - Under The Red Cloud

Barbarian Fist - The Whorelord Cometh

Black Breath - Slaves Beyond Death

Ghost - Meliora

High on Fire - Luminiferous

Joe Bonamassa - Muddy Wolf at Red Rock

Satyricon - Live at the Opera

Sigh - Graveward

I flunked Math

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AbbathTheGrim said:

I flunked Math

So did i :D.... also ive heard of non of them :I

Ride The Chariot

Hmmm I've been a bit disappointed by albums I was waiting for in 2015 but some others delivered the goods.

1. Metric - Pagans in Vegas (Whatever Metric puts out, it's always great and I loved this album as well)
2. Florence + the Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (Didn't hook me quite like the previous 2 albums but features some incredible songs like What Kind of Man and Queen of Peace)
3. Muse - Drones (Best Muse album since Black Holes and Revelations but still can't top the era between Origin of Symmetry and BHAR)
4. Madonna - Rebel Heart (Good pop album if you remove some of the god awful tracks, Ghost Town is one of the best balad she's made in a long time)
5. Marina & the Diamonds - FROOT (Another good collection of pop songs)

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Life is strange Soundtrack, although it doesn't officially release till January I downloaded the tracks from the official track list.

I'm usually into heavy metal and punk but his is more relaxed music. I like I call it "thinking" music. Music you can relax and and drift into deep thought.

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Swallow the Sun - Songs from the North
Between the Buried and Me - Coma Eliptic
Melechesh - Enki

Hear a few other albums but didn't bother to buy them to my collection.






Don't have a top 5 my favorite album of the year is definitely the soundtrack album for The Hateful Eight. Hoping that Ennio Morricone wins the Golden Globe for it and hopefully the Academy Awards takes notice and at least nominates him.

Versus_Evil said:
AbbathTheGrim said:

I flunked Math

So did i :D.... also ive heard of non of them :I


Same here and the only one I kinda know of from the ones you listed is Chvrches and the only reason I know them is because one of their songs is used in Forza Horizon 2.

Audiomachine - Magnus

If I would put it in hours that's the album I listened most to. I love their music.

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