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Rather than a break, I'd hope next entry is base don new engine that takes advantage of PS4s power.

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Ruler said:
Slade6alpha said:

I'm starting a Tales of Zesteria playthrough for the first time, and so far I'm not that into it yet compared to what I played with Xillia. Maybe I'm just getting burned out, from playing them, or maybe it's just this one in particular. The characters don't seem all that interesting (I'm only a few hours in). The camera seems messed up for some reason, and the story, like so many of the others all feels the same; political intrigue, two groups, etc. 

I might just stop playing these games for a year, as they seem to have annualized it as well. That might make me want to play it more if I've given it a good year. 

Anyone else feel the same way, or is it just me? Thoughts? 

And? you buy call of duty and other yearly franchises all the time i remember from your trophy/archievements. 

I dont see a problem, i rather have an annualized jrpg than another shooter series

Talk about a load of bullshit all in one post  

Not even remotely shocked by this post, thanks for contributing. 

Way to totally evade the question and simply defend JRPGs. lol

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Mr Puggsly said:
I think they release too frequently for games that take 40 - 60 hours to complete.

I play every Assassin's Creed game because I enjoy the gameplay, story and they can be finished in about 15 - 20 hours. If they were 40 - 60 hours each I would have stopped playing them years ago.

The only Tales games I've completed were Symphonia (Gamecube and Wii sequel), Abyss, and Vesperia. I had enough of the series, I probably won't play any more.

I'm probably going to take a break after this one. Seriously the story, ffs, whoever first said they need better writers nailed it. It's the same thing, I swear for almost every game. 

I doubt they will even take advantage of the PS4 either. Zesteria looks like a mid tier PS3 game at best with some pretty awful at time textures. 

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Yeah, I'm starting to feel that way. They are making more Tales games then I am able to complete. I also feel the quality is starting to go down a bit. I feel they should slow down some, though I am not very fond of annually released games. I get burn outs from those.



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Yes and it's not the only one , atelier comes to mind.

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I'm inclined to agree with the OP. As a huge fan of the series it's been sad to see the series slip in quality over the last several entries (imo). I still like them, but the series isn't quite what it used to be. After Beseria maybe they should focus on a few spin offs/handheld ports like they used to while taking their time on the next main entry, hopefully with a new game engine.

Yeah 100%. I spent 60 euro on Zesteria and I hated every moment of it. Childish characters and plot full of the usual JRPG tropes. empty open world and bland dungeons with shit graphics. Just a really average game on every front. Even the combat and skill upgrading is terrible

maverick40 said:

Childish characters and plot full of the usual JRPG tropes. empty open world and bland dungeons


That sounds like pretty much the entire Tales series XD.


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Nope, I don't have problems with it coming on yearly bases at all, in fact I like it, same goes for Atelier, Hyperdimension Neptunia and SAO games.

Really? people don't want more of a good thing? If someone doesn't like a game releasing every year it's because A. They just don't like that game/series or B. they used to like those games but apparently have changed their tastes. I think people's main problem with storyline's are the fact that we've seen just about every story possible through books movies and games. Because of that people are way to harsh, it's not so much that storylines are getting worse it's just our expectation for stories has gotten too high. Just think back to your first RPG experience, Wasn't that storyline one of the best you have ever seen? Most likely because it was your first taste, your bar was set not only low but to 0. Taste another 20 RPG's and see if your bar of expectations hasn't rose significantly higher. Playing Abyss right now on 3ds and i love this game. Great characters with rish personalities, amazing storyline with lots of twists and fun gameplay. Looking to get Symphonia after i'm done with this.