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Forums - Sales Discussion - November 2015 NPD Thread! Hardware and software in OP!

medussa said:

so 30% digital launch digital sales. incredible

If my maths are not wrong lol

Retail Standalone: 842K
Bundles: 93k (how many digital? I don't know because the Gamestop bundle was physical)
Digital Standalone: 365k

So using the max and minimum for bundles with digital:

365k (28%)
458k (35%)

Digital sales for Halo 5 were between 28% and 35% where bundles accounts for somethings between 0% and 7%.

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Prediction. Both over 1 million with PS4 > XBO

I believe the ps4 beat the x1.

I also think vita is undertracked because the vita TV had a big sale.


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Poll request: Will the NPD result cause crows to become the extinct?

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binary solo said:
Poll request: Will the NPD result cause crows to become the extinct?

yes, because vgcs estimate will be more accurate, than many think


no console will win with a >200k gap