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Forums - Gaming Discussion - A Christmas Thread: What Are Your Best Video Game-Related Christmas Memories?

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Heya everyone, Cloudman here. It's now December, which means tis the season for putting up the tree,

hanging the lights, and getting into the jolly ol' Christmas spirit. So I thought I'd get into the wonderful time with a Cloudy thread,




...thread. I'm hoping I can do a few of these in the month of December, but I can't make any promises. So yeah, let's just start with this one...


             So I think it's safe to say most of us have asked for a game or two for Chritsmas, and have some great memories of it, opening presents to find that game you've wanted for so long, booting it up and playing in the cheerful mornin' filled with glee and excitement, or possibly finding that huge box on the side which held a brand new console. I've had a few of those myself. Here's a few I can remember.


           2001, during the end of November, I remember walking into a Game Stop and seeing a small crowd huddled around a game demo. I went in closer and was amazed at what I saw. Cars were rushing to the screen, rockin' music was playing, and characters were fighting at fast speeds. My mind was blown. It was the first time I saw Smash Bros Melee in action. I wanted it so bad, so I asked for it for Chistmas. Eventually Christmas Eve rolled over, and I could only stare at the presents in anticipation. I eventually fell asleep, but my excitement could not be held back for old. I found myself up at 6, bursted to the tree, and opened my gifts. Among them stood a Gamecube and a copy of Smash Bros Melee. I took out the contents, hooked it up to the TV in my room, and got lost in it. I think I played for several hours, and I found my favorite character in a mere 2-3 hours, Falco. It was one of the most exciting Christmas years I could remember, still giving me sparks of joy typing about it now, as well as years of fun.


        Another wonderful Christmas memory was in 1996. I was a dumb fat little boy browsing a Sears for whatever reason, and I see a few kids playing a game. This time it was Super Mario 64. This was the first time I saw a 3D game, and before, I only played 2D platformers. So when I first saw this, I was in shock. I got my turn, and started playing the first world of Mario 64. I was in utter awe. I could move in all directions! I could jump on things, and ride turtle shells! There was also a scary giant chomp chomp jumping at me! It was awesome! So of course, I asked for this game, as well as a N64. This wait must have been more painful, since the N64 came out in September, haha, but December came around, and I was hoping to get Mario 64. I would sneak into my father's closet to see if I could find anything. I did find Mario 64, which get me so excited! I couldn't wait to play it! Of course, I got it and loved it. I was my favorite Mario game, and might still be now. That was the start of another great couple of years of fun with my friends. : )


So that does it for my video game Christmas stories. You have any similar ones like mine? Feel free to share, and I hope you'll all continue to have wonderful Christmas times ahead : ) And also, as always, thanks for readin'!



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I'm 31 so the past 15 Christmas havnt been that good surprise-wise when it comes to gaming, as I've always got whatever I want due to buying it myself.

But I remember when the Sega Saturn came out and I really wanted it. I went into a gaming shop with my Mum and brother and it was there so I walked over just to look at it, my mum must of watched me and knew I wanted it but she kept quiet. I woke up Xmas wondering what I might have and there it was the Sega Saturn with around 6 games, I can't quite remember the games but one was a football game and one was Loaded ( a top down shooter) I loved that Xmas, I felt massively lucky to have one.

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So this is what you mean by Christmas thread...

I won't be getting any new games because they are really pricy (unless some magically go on sale during boxing day) I will focus on replaying games
- ToS (GCN)
- RF4 (3DS)
- Platinum (JP) (NDS)
- Splatoon (Wii U)
and maybe some other 3DS games..

...or trying to finish some backlogged ones...
- PoR (Dolphin)
- Trials and Tribulations (NDS)

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I remember how I spent the entire Christmas of 2004 playing Paper Mario TTYD, which became one of my favorite games of all time! Good, good times.

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I know I got a GameCube around Christmas, played nothing but Melee and Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door all all day.

Good memories.

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Getting a Super Nintendo and Super Metroid and spending hours trying to navigate and find secrets. Game still holds up today and remains among my favorites.

I never got consoles or video games for Christmas or birthdays

But I oftenly got money from my grandpa to buy them myself. He even paid my first PC.

1. My older brother got me the greatest console ever the DREAMCAST in 99. Next day I opened NFL2K at my dads house.

2. Parents got one of my younger brothers and I a Genesis and Mortal Kombat one year.

3. Grandmother got me an Atari one year with a box of like 30 games.

When I got my GameCube for Christmas in 2002 or 2003, my dad put it inside a big box that used to be for a fan that you mount in your window, so when I ripped off the wrapping, that's what I thought I got and I was so disappointed. But after a few seconds, I noticed there was some extra tape on the box, so I kept opening it up and lo and behold, a GameCube with extra controller. Then my parents told me to look under my pillow, so I ran back upstairs and found the Chamber of Secrets game (never ended up liking that game).

My parents still make fun of me every once in awhile about how I really thought I was getting a window fan.

It was always nice staying up til 3 or 4 am playing what we got for Christmas with my brother, I remember when we got the Gamecube, non stop Luigi's Mansion, good times.