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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo changes there mind, Animal Crossing amiibo festival won't be free to download!

News circulated around E3 time that Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival would be a free download. Although the physical bundle always existed, it was thought that the digital version would simply require an amiibo to function. This is not actually the case – no free download exists.

Nintendo has told Destructoid that Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is a $60 product. You’ll get the disc, Isabelle and Digby figures, and three amiibo cards with a purchase.

Lol, they are expecting people to spend $60 on this. All they will sell to is amiibo collectors.


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Japan loves Animal Crossing so this should get at least 200k sales from there alone. Not sure about the rest of the world.

But yeah, would be nice to have it free digitally and just buy an Amiibo separately to play.

I wouldn't have got it if it was free lol.

They didn't change their mind, it was never stated by any Nintendo rep to be a free download.

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The only people who expressed interest to begin with were amiibo collectors. It's hard to imagine that this news will change anyone's opinion on this game.

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Nintendo needs the capital so it makes sense. Good luck selling that outside of Japan though.

I think Nintendo knows that this will only sell to the amiibo collectors and hardcore AC fans. And since the game looks so barebones I can't imagine that they wouldn't make at least a little profit from this whole ordeal.

zorg1000 said:
They didn't change their mind, it was never stated by any Nintendo rep to be a free download.


That's what we get for buying into rumors. To be fair, the game does apparently have a lot more in it than just the board game. Gamexplain did some videos on it, there's more to it than was originally thought. I do wonder how much the digital game will be though since $60 for the physical gets you a lot more than just the game. Mario Party 10 came at $50 so I wonder if this will go lower. $40? $30?

They are milking the success of New Leaf for all it's worth. Isabelle as a newcomer in Smash confirmed.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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