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The hell??? I remember hearing that the digi version was going to be free, and just need amiibo to work. That sounded a good idea. But now it's a lie, and you have to buy a disc? Not to mention to get more characters, you need to buy more amiibo...

Gosh, this is stupid. This is the worst thing I've heard them do with amiibo. A 60 dollar price stacked with more if you want your fav characters?... Ugh, this pretty much kills my excitement for the game... u_u



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No online is a deal breaker for me, free or not.

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Who really thought this would end up being free upon release???

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Well....... I'll be just looking at the sales in Japan.

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This is a terrible decision.Not only the game looks mediocre, but you also need to pay for the amiibos and now the game.I dont think its going to be a 60 dollar game, but even if it was 20 it would be ridiculous.
The game was already a hard sell, and would fail miserabily in my opinion,but being a free digital game it could atract the little interest it could muster and have a real shot at selling more amiibos and card amiibos, but this is absurd and it will be its nail in the coffin.

Nintendo I love you.You make excellent games and masterpieces from time to time, but god, how i hate when you make stupid decisions like this.

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Whatever this game is irrelevant


When did Nintendo say that the digital version would be free to download? I don't remember that.

Kids will eat this up, and they are the primary audience for this game. Its little surprise that gaming forum dwellers are going to hate it. My daughter is already pestering me to buy this for her.

You know, this crap would actually work if Nintendo was smarter and released the Wii U back in 2012 already with amiibos. Maybe the console and this shovelware would be much more successful/recognizable.

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zorg1000 said:
They didn't change their mind, it was never stated by any Nintendo rep to be a free download.

^ This.

It only started as a rumor and people decided it was true because the game looked bad.

Also this isn't new. The game was available at least for 1 or 2 months on amazon and the price was 60 then, so Nintendo didn't change their mind.