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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo changes there mind, Animal Crossing amiibo festival won't be free to download!

Just another filler game till the NX.

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But people buy amiibo for collectable purposes. Not to play games.

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Pavolink said:
But people buy amiibo for collectible purposes. Not to play games.

lol, I can relate to this.

Lol, it will bomb very hard outside Japan. This game isn't worth that prize, not remotely.

Honestly I don't really mind paying £35 for a game + 2 amiibos (Assuming it's the same deal in the UK). That seems like a very generous price to me, seeing as the usual price of an Amiibo is £10-15.


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Pavolink said:

But people buy amiibo for collectable purposes. Not to play games.

When the amiibo is only available bundled, you don't even have to think about that.

By the way, GameXplain is streaming this later today for half an hour today in five minutes (when your minutes = zero).

By the way, this makes me wonder, how much time will it take to make amiibo piracy avalible, affordable and easy to get? There are already some pieces of hardware that do that (amiiquo), but I don't know if they are fully ready yet.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Nintendo is making a game bundle with amiibo.

Hurry! Let's comment on how nintendo is bad for forcing the fans to buy these plastic figures because they fragmented this GOTY in amiibos



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This game is gonna fall way below expectations at $60. If it wasn't initially planned, they may be doing this to increase their "full priced" retail game list for the holiday.