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On the new Nintendo Voice Chat podcast (on the Wii channel), Matt, Bozon, Craig, and Deamon began to discuss sales numbers of the Gamecube Chibi Robo title after a reader mail question. They didn't have the NPD numbers for it. So Matt and Bozon try to guess the numbers while Deamon looks them up on VGChartz.

The question comes up at the 34:54 mark and the mention of VGChartz is at 35:25.



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thats awesome---more and more the site grows


good job IGN.

Very good news.

This is cool. I like IGN, but Bozon has to drop the n from his names if you've ever read his reviews.

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yay more vg publicity


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go vgchartz!

Woooooooooooooohooooo..... And IGN is pretty big too, ya think we'll have more members soon???


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LOOOOOOL!!! This is especially hilarious since they trashed VGC pretty hard and said they were surprised it still exists.