Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kimishima believes Nintendo will exceed DS/Wii Era profits within 3 years

Do you think what Kimishima says is possible?

Yes, i have faith in Nintendo 69 22.77%
No, Nintendo will never r... 76 25.08%
Maybe 58 19.14%
Depends on what the NX will be 75 24.75%
Depends on their mobile strategy 25 8.25%

Does that mean they go full casual?

Hunting Season is done...

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BasilZero said:
3 years to what Wii/DS had done in its entire generation? Yeah good luck with that.

I dont think thats what he meant, he probably meant in 3 year they will have financial years that are more profitable than those in Wii/DS generation.

Definitely possible, but we will see.

Surprised that the Mobile option in the poll is voted the least. I can't imagine Nintendo making profits like that again with only their dedicated gaming systems. I love Nintendo but their image is just not what most gamers are comfortable with. However, the mobile market is very big consisting mostly of casuals who may fall into their traps to buy Nintendo games.

I'll be surprised if they have Wii u profits

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Nintendo is staking a lot on NX.

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Toxy said:

Dead Wii U... I don't know. It still sells. Not much, but it sells. It barely has a pulse.

Perhaps the more accurate term would be : The Wii U is on life support.


Anyway, Kimishima could be right. Nintendo has proven analysts and the like wrong before. I am sure they can do it again.

I'd argue the Wii U has only ever really been alive during the holiday season. As a system which doesn't have big profit margins, its sales have never been "good". Theres nothing in the future to give us hope so I refer to it as dead as things will only go from quite poor to even worse. At least their software does well.

Kotastic said:

You know, I've been seeing you placing a lot of faith in Nintendo the past couple months. While I can appreciate the enthusiasm and some logics behind it, and I want Nintendo to succeed greatly as well, don't be too disappointed/shocked if Nintendo screws up royaly. We're still almost left entirely in the dark, and this is still the same Nintendo that made rather arrogant and short-sighted mistakes. Let's hope for the best though.

I wouldn't call it faith. Faith is a believe in something in lue of proof. I think there is a lot of evidence for what I've been saying. Everyone here knows how critical I am of Nintendo. I wouldn't be saying this stuff if there wasn't a lot to back it up.

Well, this is new.


Are they entering drug bussiness? That would kick their revenue up no time.

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I hate to say it, but they're just too much of a kids company I think to ever compete with Sony/MS for the mainstream console core audience which is largely made up of teenagers/college age males and/or young boys who want to play whatever their older brother is playing. 

NOT to say they're a kids only company, of course adults can still enjoy their games (I'm certainly one of them), but they are definitely more kids-centric than the other two and that will always be a problem for them in mindshare/marketing. By the time they get to 10/11 even a lot of kids don't want a "kids console" they want to be playing games they shouldn't be playing like GTA. The Wii temporarily solved this issue by bringing in casuals to augment the regular Nintendo audience, but that audience is now gone to smartphones/tablets. 

I haven't seen a Nintendo TV commercial in like 6 months since the New 3DS launched, but my nephew was over today and we put on the kids TV network here, and lo and behold within like five minutes there's a Nintendo TV spot for Yoshi's Wooly World hosted by two kids. 

They can't compete with Sony/MS who message/market almost exclusively to older core gamers and tailor their entire product line to an older audience, Nintendo will always be stuck trying to compromise between the kids market and trying to hold a slice of the core market. 

It's not so much about Nintendo's execution at this point, it's just that the market has changed so much from the 80s/90s where the console market was more kids-oriented. Even if NX is relatively decent spec-ed, what happens in a year or so when Microsoft shows off a much more powerful next-gen XBox or PS5 hype starts to ramp up? There won't be 7-8 year cycles this gen because neither Sony/MS took massive losses early on this gen that required a longer gen to recoup costs.