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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dracula X Chronicles screens - worst looking game on PSP?

johnsobas said:
i don't think you get it, the people that are defending the DS games graphics are saying that it looks better in an artistic way, not a technical way. Those graphics for the PSP version are more than likely not even possible on the DS, but for castlevania i prefer stylized 2d graphics. Again, you could say the same thing about the N64 castlevania and the PS1 one. The good thing about the PSP game is that it will have similar gameplay to the 2D games even though it is 3d.

Yours are the posts in this thread that have made the most sense.

First of all, too many people think that 3D graphics mean better graphics.  Personally I thought Castlevania: Symphony of the Night looked way, way better than Castlevania 64.  Just because something has graphics made up of polygons instead of sprites does not mean that it looks better.

This said, I don't think PSP Dracula X is a bad-looking game.  I think the character models are pretty sucky, but the backgrounds look great.  Personally I would probably prefer the graphics of the DS games, but if they had better character models the PSP game could come out on top.  But even so, it would have been better if they had just stuck to 2D with a few 3D enemies/items as a nice touch because I think it would have looked better.

The main thing about the videos, however, was the awesome, awesome music.  Great remixes.  I hope they redesign the PSP quick (and well) so I'll be tempted enough to buy one when this game comes out! 

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windbane said:
your mother said:
davygee said:
Firstly, the PSP shots are blown up a bit...they're not the normal 480x272 resolution...secondly, watch a video of the game and you'll see how it looks and feels. There are so many layers for the 2d feel and there are nice plasma sky effects and loads of parallax style scrolling. Naturally 3d models aren't as clear as normal 2d characters...but comparing the screens...there is no comparison....the DS pictures are very flat and it doesn't look like much is going on in the background. If this is all you can do...and try and pick at PSP games...then what a sad lot you are....mmmm...jealousy again?

Hang on a sec... I just reread the entire thread - who is badmouthing the PSP for you to say:

"If this is all you can do...and try and pick at PSP games...then what a sad lot you are....mmmm...jealousy again?"

As far as I can see, nobody here has bashed it at all, and most tend to agree that for a "bad" PSP game, it doesn't look bad at all, leaving me bewildered at your defensive comment.

Well, the thread title alone is being very negative. "Let me try to find the worst looking PSP game..."

Fortunately, the game actually looks good and much better than the 2-D DS version.

True that about the title, but honestly, I just don't think the PSP version looks heads and shoulders above the DS versions. The difference is not night-and-day, and I do think that the DS backdrops have more detail as well as the characters. Then again, these aren't lossless, 1:1 videos, so the actual product will most likely look different than what DavyGee posted, which is underwhelming to be honest.

Not that the DS versions are overwhelming, of course - just that side-to-side, based on what I have seen in this thread, the DS version is sharper-looking overall.