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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dracula X Chronicles screens - worst looking game on PSP?

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Sony should be proud if this is as bad as the worst looking game gets.

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it really doesn't look that bad. i guess I agree with the guy above me haha.

spiderman 3 on the wii looked worse then that. Those pictures are not bad at all.

looks fine to me...almost makes me want to get a PSP.

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Why is there a Suezo in the third screen?

Do you know what castlevania games are supposed to look like? Then you'll know why it looks like that...


For any Castlevania fan this game is a cornerstone: the possiblity of a 3D castlevania game that doesn't suck, you know how long people have been dreaming about this? 

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The art style might no tbe the greatest, but the game looks fine for what they are trying to do with it. And since it is a Castlevania game, it's not exactly trying to lure in the graphics whores to being with.

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You so funny, PS4.  You can try harder to find the worst looking game than that.  I hope the game is fun, though, Castlevania deserves only the best.

This game looks bad? *finds reading glasses and puts them on* Oh wait, no it doesn't.

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