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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are your Game ideas that would be ideal for Wii Controls?

   Has anyone played Elebits on the Wii?  I just played my friend's copy of it.  The game itself is ok, but I found the controls amazing!  I only played the first level, but I've never felt like a game was so interactive before.  You are in a virtual house, and move around with the analog stick on the nunchuck, and you look around by targeting with the remote.  And then anything you target, you can grab with A and then freely interact with as if you are holding it.  Boxes you can fling to the side, throw forward or shake.  Door knobs you can grab and twist to open the door.  Cabinet doors you can grab and pull the remote away from the screen to pull the door open.  And you can grab the open cabinet door and swing the Wii remote forward to close it.  I've never felt so much like I was actually in the game.  I think most developers still need to learn just what the Wii is capable of in interactive controls.  I want to see more games coming out with this control style!

   So I wanted to know what ideas everyone had that these controls, or just the Wii controls in general would be ideal for.  What games would really gain from the interactivity of the Wii.  What games could only work on the Wii and no other system because of the controls?

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I think they should make a first person RPG or survival horror with the Elebit style controls. On and RPG, I think it would be cool to walk through towns and have to open doors with the realistic motions. I'd like puzzles that you have to place objects just right and dial combination locks that you twist the remote to move the dial. The Nunchuck could control your left hand with a shield in it. You'd have to move to shield to block your enemy's attacks. You could try to piss off NPCs by grabbing their shoulder and pushing the remote forward to shove them. In a survival horror game, I think it would be fun if the bad guy or monster is chasing you, and you have to open doors and you could close them behind you and possibly lock them to slow down the foe. And then you could also grab objects, like grandfather clocks or cabinets and pull them down to block the bad guys way or to block doors. And then you could use the B button for leg mottions. So you could target a Zombie's leg thats shambling toward you, press B and swing to the side and then you'd do a leg sweep to knock the Zombie to the ground. With just the targeting controls, I'd love to see more classic point and click adventures! I'd love to have like Grim Fandango 2 come out on the Wii. Or a Phantasmagoria or Gabriel Knight. Basically any of the old Sierra adventure games. I'd like a Leisure Suit Larry on the Wii. :::evil grin::. I think Myst would be an ideal choice as well.

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I thought a co-op style stealth action game. But when you get into the action, you can't talk to each other over radio, because you can be heard. So instead you give hand signals using the wiimote and nunchuck...

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that sounds like a cool idea omgwtfbbq :P could be useful in like a special ops game

  • Super Dodge Ball
  • Food Fight!
  • Duck Hunt
  • Mike Tyson Punch Out

The throwing motion is just alot of fun, so I think Dodge ball and food fight could be insanely fun. Imagine tons arcade style actions, earning money to buy tons of options to use in multiplayer, and online multiplayer, it could be a blast.(food fight  I think would have alot of offer in extra options spending money to buy a certain spread of food could be just great!)


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Cricket. There was a website pleading for it, but it's almost a certainty now. EA has a cricket franchise so the 2008 or at latest 2009 iteration will be Wii. In fact I can see slip catching being fantastic -- and of course hooking a fast bowler for 6. I know some denizens of this forum might not be familiar with cricket, but it is a Wii natural. Probably even more than baseball in fact, because the bat motions are far more varied than in baseball so the motion detection can be much less subtle.

The game every single person wants: Star Wars game for the Wii One Hand for Lightsaber motions, and the other for using the force. Also you can choose to keep the lightsaber out and use both hands for the force ( the choking motion would be cool, moreless like godfathers). If you can use siths, then a forward motion would let you throw lightning. Dunno what else can be done with that.

Foodfight and Dogeball soud very cool, of course I´d play anything making good use of the mote as a sword or lightsabre, I´d love a spiderman game with two wiimotes so you can swing with one and aim with the other. I´m really looking forward two the Olympic game since the sports uses are endless, (row a bouat, through a spear...), what I´d rally love if there where a castlevanina style game using the mote as a whip, would be hard to do but would be übercool




How about the ancient art of caligraphy. I would like to see an Okami game on the Wii.

I've said it many times before around here, but the Wii mote and Nunchuck is absolutely PERFECT! for a new Roadrash game. The Nunchuck analogue handles the bike's steering while the Wiimote allows you to bash your opponents.

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