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I think they should make a first person RPG or survival horror with the Elebit style controls. On and RPG, I think it would be cool to walk through towns and have to open doors with the realistic motions. I'd like puzzles that you have to place objects just right and dial combination locks that you twist the remote to move the dial. The Nunchuck could control your left hand with a shield in it. You'd have to move to shield to block your enemy's attacks. You could try to piss off NPCs by grabbing their shoulder and pushing the remote forward to shove them. In a survival horror game, I think it would be fun if the bad guy or monster is chasing you, and you have to open doors and you could close them behind you and possibly lock them to slow down the foe. And then you could also grab objects, like grandfather clocks or cabinets and pull them down to block the bad guys way or to block doors. And then you could use the B button for leg mottions. So you could target a Zombie's leg thats shambling toward you, press B and swing to the side and then you'd do a leg sweep to knock the Zombie to the ground. With just the targeting controls, I'd love to see more classic point and click adventures! I'd love to have like Grim Fandango 2 come out on the Wii. Or a Phantasmagoria or Gabriel Knight. Basically any of the old Sierra adventure games. I'd like a Leisure Suit Larry on the Wii. :::evil grin::. I think Myst would be an ideal choice as well.

Tag: Hawk - Reluctant Dark Messiah (provided by fkusumot)