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   Has anyone played Elebits on the Wii?  I just played my friend's copy of it.  The game itself is ok, but I found the controls amazing!  I only played the first level, but I've never felt like a game was so interactive before.  You are in a virtual house, and move around with the analog stick on the nunchuck, and you look around by targeting with the remote.  And then anything you target, you can grab with A and then freely interact with as if you are holding it.  Boxes you can fling to the side, throw forward or shake.  Door knobs you can grab and twist to open the door.  Cabinet doors you can grab and pull the remote away from the screen to pull the door open.  And you can grab the open cabinet door and swing the Wii remote forward to close it.  I've never felt so much like I was actually in the game.  I think most developers still need to learn just what the Wii is capable of in interactive controls.  I want to see more games coming out with this control style!

   So I wanted to know what ideas everyone had that these controls, or just the Wii controls in general would be ideal for.  What games would really gain from the interactivity of the Wii.  What games could only work on the Wii and no other system because of the controls?

Tag: Hawk - Reluctant Dark Messiah (provided by fkusumot)