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Forums - Sales Discussion - The OFFICIAL Apr 2007 NPD Thread

Haha, look at that - 700+ members online again. Great how everyone rushes over to VG Chartz on NPD day !! ioi and bunkum rule

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Numbers will be coming soon

Gaffers are just JEALOUS we have bunkum

Last month they'd posted "weekly" numbers (aka made-up bullshit) before the NPD was released. He was off by a HUGE amount, accross the board, and had to retroactively adjust his numbers and try to explain/cover it. I think it exposed how inaccurate the site is to many.
Well we will soon see how close the numbers are this month losers!

I'd bet those are fake numbers. Over the last few months we've seemed to get a set of fake numbers here before we get the real ones. However I do think the real numbers will come close to what those are.

Those numbers were fake

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rocketpig said:
TheBigFatJ said:
The 360 really sold 177k for the month? That's a more than I anticipated although I'm sure it's a lot less than the "people are waiting for the elite" crowd was saying.

If that is legit, it doesn't surprise me. Remember that the Elite was only available for two days in April.



I thought April includes a couple days of May as well?


Elite is sold out.

numbers released at 7 est?

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come on.... i want to see the figures!

Bunkman word up dude. You didn't break last month, bah, gonna be another month where we have to wait for the wire. Boo