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Wright said:
RavenXtra said:
Wow Wright, we have the same rankings! Finally something we agree on xD

I thought you disliked MGS2?

Nope, must be someone else. MGS2 was my favorite.

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6) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: I mean, I loved the gameplay and its way above the other games in that area, but it's just a prologue so I can't place it any higher than last. I do like the little story that is presented and the missions are great fun. I got a good 7h out of it. If TPP lives up to its potential I can see it being very high on my list. GZ has to be last.

5) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: I put it second last but, unlike other people, I liked it. I never bothered to get the true ending though, just YouTubed it, so I guess that just going through the story helped. I place it last because it's obvious the game was gimped due to the limitations of the PSP. Other problems include forgettable bosses, the worst voice acting in the series, and a plot that's ridiculous even by MGS standards. As I said though, I liked the game.

4) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots: God was I disappointed by this game. I ended up liking it like every MGS and I have played it three times, but when I first played it I was upset it didn't live up to the quality of previous installments. I normally like MGS's cutscenes a lot, but here Kojima went a bit overboard. Some cutscenes are over 40 minutes long! And the problem is not just the length but rather the editing, they seem to drag on. That said, the gameplay is ace, it has some epic moments and it was a really ambitious game, so all in all and after some replays I put it above Peace Walker. I just think it could have been much more, considering it's ending of the story. Also, the main theme is gone...

3) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: First MGS I played and I fucking loved it. Convoluted as fuck story and a trolling switcheroo with Raiden, but for some reason I couldn't get enough. That a videogame could have a story that complex and crazy blew my teenage mind. Replaying later, I think it's not the best entry and the gameplay shows its age a bit (the overhead camera specifically), although it's still fantastic. It's still really fun throughout and I respect the balls Kojima had to put out a game as nuts as this.

2) Metal Gear Solid: Wow, what a game. I didn't play it until after MGS2 and MGS3, but I put it above all other except for one. You could argue its gameplay shows its age more than MGS2, but considering the platform it's really, really impressive. It holds up very well and the story just sucks you in. It is incredibly well presented for a PS1 game and, after replaying some other games from that era, MGS remains above all. It's also superfun through and through, so there's that.

1) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: My favorite game of all time. I didn't expect this game to be better than MGS2 (jungle? what?) but holy shit did it blow up my mind. Amazing gameplay, so much variety, so many secrets, such memorable crazy bosses, best story in the series, best music in a game and the best video game ending in history. As I sat there looking at the end credits with the controller in my hand and tears in my eyes, I knew I had just witnessed something very special. I don't know if a game will ever affect me like MGS3 did.

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RavenXtra said:

Nope, must be someone else. MGS2 was my favorite.

Wow! I love you even more now!

1. MGS 3 ( the best )
2. MGS ( the classic )
3. MGS 4 ( The epic end )
5. MGS 2. ( The new hero)
5. MGS PW ( The fanservice S2 )
6. MGS GZ ( The DLC like lol )

Hm... tough.

1. Metal Gear Solid 3
2. Metal Gear Solid
3. Metal Gear Solid 4
4. Metal Gear Solid 2
5. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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Best to worst:


Been with the franchise since PlayStation Day One in '98. (Can't really rank GROUND ZEROES against the others, as short as it is. I'd prefer to just fold it into THE PHANTOM PAIN's eventual placement.)

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1. Peace Walker
2. MGS3
3. MGS4
4. Portable Ops
5. MGS
6. MGS2


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5-MGS: Peace Walker

Best to worse of course.

Mgs 4 is the worst
Mgs 1 2 3 are great
Didnt like portable ops
Acid 1 2 were cartoonish




From Best to worst:

1. Metal Gear Solid 3

2. Metal Gear Solid 1

3. Metal Gear Solid 2

4. Peace Walker

5. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

6. Ground Zeroes

7. Portable Ops

8. Metal Gear Solid 4

9. Metal Gear


I'll go into details later on, but I do think MGS2 has the best gameplay in the series (so far) and great mission variety. MGS1 & 3 have a more gripping story imo.