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Forums - Sony Discussion - The next Last of Us. What would you like it to be?

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What would you like the next TLoU to be about?

Focus on a different character 3 4.41%
Chapters on different characters 1 1.47%
Direct follow on sequel 31 45.59%
Prequel with Joel, Ellie 5 7.35%
Completely new characters 24 35.29%
Something else - share your idea 4 5.88%

I want it to have a hidden ending Farcry 4 style. You start out in the hospital at the end of the last game and have to make the decision again. When you let them kill Ellie, the game is over and you will see what a disease-less paradise the world will become. Or you choose the regular end and have to play the game in a dystopian hellscape.

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It may go with complete new chars, but they know we love Ellie, so Ellie will be there.
I would love it to be about her, 18+ years old, living alone after Joel died, being a badass survivor, looking for those other people Joel told (lied) her were also immune, discoring a new kid that actually is, feeling like Joel did with her back then, protecting the kid from people who want to kidnap it and kill it for the cure, making then again the choice to give herself to be the cure to protect the kid from thia destiny and gave it a chance to see a better world, she dies, there is no way to reverse the cure from her brain even though, kid gets to know it, a new badass is born, comes TLOU 3.

Joel has developed as much as he can and has nothing left to offer the story other than a springboard for Ellie. Ellie has only just begun her story and has plenty of room for development. It will be Ellie's story.


The PS5 Exists. 

A game would be nice.

I'd like to see more focus on Ellie, and if not her, a new cast of characters.

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Boutros said:
beeje13 said:

I remembered earlier how Nolan North (plays David) let slip there will be a new TLoU. And also how Troy Baker (plays Joel) knows nothing.

This could suggest that there's no Joel in the next game... but that's just a possibility still at this stage.

Anyway, what would you like the next instalment to be about?

Focus on a character from TloU, show how they got to where they are (e.g. David, Joel's brother, Tess etc)

Have chapters on a few different characters with their own separate stories

The early years of Joel (and Ellie), how he survived the fall and got to where he did.

A direct following sequel to TLoU, I think the first game does leave this possibility.

Completely New characters, set in a different part of the states, or world even. 

Or something else! I know a user on here wants an open world online game set in the universe.

That's Left Behind lol

Only a bit of Ellie. I think that the bulk of content would be on Joel, how he fell out with his brother, met tess.

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The Second to Last of Us.

I want not to see another one
Sony make unique games like horizon please




Guys, I admit it. TLoU was a great game. I don't think we need another. I think it would either cheapen the experience or undo some of the stuff that felt permanent for the sake of a happy ending.

They told the story they wanted to tell and they told it well. That's all we need. Will bigger monsters, more explosions, a new combo system to take down bad guys faster than ever, of whatever comes with a sequel really add anything? Will continuing the story really add to what we've had? FFVII this game. Don't "Advent Children" it up.

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non-existant. This coming from a guy who platinumed the original and the remaster and just wants it left alone like Grim Fandango or Citizen Kane. SOME THINGS DON'T NEED SEQUELS!

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