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Boutros said:
beeje13 said:

I remembered earlier how Nolan North (plays David) let slip there will be a new TLoU. And also how Troy Baker (plays Joel) knows nothing.

This could suggest that there's no Joel in the next game... but that's just a possibility still at this stage.

Anyway, what would you like the next instalment to be about?

Focus on a character from TloU, show how they got to where they are (e.g. David, Joel's brother, Tess etc)

Have chapters on a few different characters with their own separate stories

The early years of Joel (and Ellie), how he survived the fall and got to where he did.

A direct following sequel to TLoU, I think the first game does leave this possibility.

Completely New characters, set in a different part of the states, or world even. 

Or something else! I know a user on here wants an open world online game set in the universe.

That's Left Behind lol

Only a bit of Ellie. I think that the bulk of content would be on Joel, how he fell out with his brother, met tess.

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