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Forums - Sports Discussion - The NFL Thread 2015: Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50


Who will win Super Bowl 50?

Patriots 116 25.00%
Seahawks 41 8.84%
Colts 7 1.51%
Packers 42 9.05%
Broncos 85 18.32%
Ravens 8 1.72%
Cowboys 18 3.88%
Panthers 56 12.07%
Other 74 15.95%
Scoreboard 17 3.66%

Impressive shot there. And Scobee was simply HOVERING next to the phone all game...

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One of, if not the biggest miracles of this bizarre season, is that Heyward-Bey remembered he has hands.


Oh no I'm Arakaigning!

It's a verb now.

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Michael Vick for Pro Bowl?

The Chargers need to pay off the refs now!!! Overrule this play.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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Well that sucks the Chargers should have won that game.

Chockers gonna choke!

Damn, the Broncos might actually have an easy divisional championship like the Patriots and Packers always get.