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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo of America has dropped Plans For US Release of Devil's Third

The people at Unseen 64 have comfirmed that there sources say that NoA has no plans of releasing the game in NA. Also saying the frame rate is shit, visual are 2 generations behind, and over all not a fun game. European impressions embargo breaks July 15th, so prepare yourself for these impressions. Here's the short video that talks about it, I'd suggest you listen to it.


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It's not like it was going to sell very well anyway. Every other third party game on the Wii U didn't sell well, why would this one be any different, maybe it being published by Nintendo could help but still. 

Sucks for those that did plan on buying it though. 

Come. The fuck. On.

Fuck off, NoA. Even if the game is shit, release it digitally or do a short print run.

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So NoA had no problem with releasing Sonic Boom but have a problem with this

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Wait, what? ReallY?

Is it releasing in Europe and Japan? Why would the game not release in NA when its the region that loves shooters the most and has the more WiiUs?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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not sure what sucks more the fact we in america aren't even getting it or the fact that it sucks.

Fuck of NoA.. Fuck off...

I'm glad Europe is getting it. But FU NoA, looks much better than Splatoon.

KingdomHeartsFan said:

So NoA had no problem with releasing Sonic Boom but have a problem with this

Nintendo didn't publish that game..

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