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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First Fighter You Played?

Rafie said:
hatmoza said:

I forget what it's called but it was a really fun wrestling game for the nes


SO FUN. Brings back childhood memories of me and my oldest brother.


WOW I forgot about this game! I take that back. Pro Wrestling was the first. Hehehe

Don't feel old! Feel experienced! Some people in here's first game is Mortal Kombat X and Smash bros Wii U. Be proud you actually witnessed those days.

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Street Fighter 2

I think it was MK on a arcade machine in this bar way out in the hills. lol

International Karate on the C64.

Tekken 2 on an arcade. My first console fighting game was Tekken 3.

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Tekken 1 on ps1




mjk45 said:
International Karate on the C64.

IK or IK+ ? I played them both, but IK+ first.

View on YouTube

View on YouTube

Tekken 3 on the PS1 .

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I was quite 'old' when I played my first fighting game and I wrecked it on PS2.

Now fighting games is in my top 3 favourite genres.


Edit: never mind it was WWE Here comes the pain. Never thought of them as fighting games but they sure are.

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Street Fighter 2.
Hurt my thumb trying to do Shoryuken's all day. =p