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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First Fighter You Played?

ARamdomGamer said:
Smash Bros. N64

This. So much this!

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Street fighter 2 on snes, never gonna forget that day.

Super Fighter 3 on the NES(yeah apparently it was a pirated port of Street Fighter 2), well didn't even know what a pirated version means until I was in senior highschool .


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Played first - Street Fighter 2 on the Sega Genesis.

Bought first - Super Smash Bros on N64.


For each specific system I've ever own/ed


SNES - Clayfighter

N64 - Super Smash Bros

GCN - Super Smash Bros Melee

Wii - Super Smash Bros Brawl

WiiU - Super Smash Bros WiiU

GBC - Street Fighter Alpha Warriors' Dreams

GBA - Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper

NDS - Dragon Ball Z Super Sonic Warriors 2

3DS - N/A

PS2 - Marvel VS Capcom 2

PS3 - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

PSP - Darkstalkers Chronicle Chaos Tower

PC - The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition


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probably Killer Instinct

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Konami's Yie Ar Kung Fu. Not sure if it had a multiplayer mode though. On consoles, it was either Mortal Kombat 2 or Street Fighter 2.

markodeniro said:
The way of the exploding fist on ZX Spectrum

Definitely "The Way of the Exploding Fist."

For me, it was on the Commodore 64.

I loved the music in the game as well as the scenic backgrounds. I spent many hours playing that game, and then I played Yie Ar Kung Fu after.  But Way of the Exploding Fist was so much a better game. 

mysteryman said:
I guess Urban Brawl, Karateka or Yie Ar Kung FU on the NES.

Played it on the MSX.

Kortal Mombat

I think I remember playing the first Killer Instinct when I was really young. I had no idea what I was doing.