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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First Fighter You Played?

Super smash bros on N64

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

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Power Rangers on Sega Genesis.

IK+ (C64)

Bloody Roar 3 on the PS2.

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I got my SNES with Super Mario World, Street Fighter II and Turtles In Time.

We played a lot SF2 after school and sometimes even before school in a friend's house when he was still showering.

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Possible Street Fight 2 on Arcades.

It was Street Fighter II, one of my favourite games of all time (number 2) and Street Fighter, I would say, is my favourite video game franchise.

Mortal Kombat, Have many good memories of playing it the family.

Super smash bros 64

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Does Streets of Rage count? It was a beat'em up game but it was fightning.
If not, then Mortal Kombat.

Both on the Mega Drive.