Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy 7 Remake or World of FF ?

Your MOST WANTED Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy 15 !!!!!! 87 27.71%
Final Fantasy 7 Remake!! = ) 173 55.10%
World of Final Fantasy < 3 26 8.28%
see results 28 8.92%

Surprisingly enough World of Final Fantasy is the one I'm looking forward to the most. Having already played the XV demo I'm 99% sure that it will be my least favourite Final Fantasy game ever (yes, even below XII). While I'm also pretty sure that Square Enix will end up ruining VII with the remake as well.

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I think for hype alone FF7 remake win, but FF 15 is must as a new series, and FF world is also a must because how cute the character and monster is , but i think we need to see how FF 7 remake will look like or how the battle system and the world will look like on 8th gen graphic. So i will bump this thread in the future.

FF7 of the 3, KH3 over FF15.

Hmm, pie.

I'll probably buy all 3, but I'm the most hyped about FF7R (FF7 still is my most beloved game) - WoFF also looks delightful and online coop could be amazing :).
I'm a bit torn about FF15, the world looks cool, but hmm.. something feels off for me with that game.

FF7r easily wins this. I am super excited for that (hopefully they don't ruin it). The other two I have absolutely no interest in. They both look horrible to me...

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I will buy all 3 games, but in order of hype. FFVIIR > FFXV > WoFF

Hynad said:
Miguel_Zorro said:

I don't know why you're being aggresive with Hydra.  If you Google Image Search Emo this is the first picture.

If you Google Image Search Noctis this is the first picture.

It's practically the same person, and it's not a big deal.

Yeah. So agressive. Because asking someone to explain himself is an act of agression now.

People are quick to put labels on everything. "This is so emo." "This is so gay." "This game is just about a boys band spreading their bromance..."

So, sorry if asking him to explain himself was breaking the rules. 

Would it really matter if he listed every detail on why he feels that way?  It is a silly argument to begin with...

I hope it's turn based.

FF7 Remake.

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It's a close call between FF VIIR and FF XV but I'm most excited for the remake ...

As for WoFF, you couldn't pay me to play a second-rate spin-off ...