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Forums - Sales Discussion - Playstation 2 about to overtake Gameboy as the most successful system EVER

With worldwide shipments now at 117.89 million versus 118.69 million for the various Gameboy iterations, Sony's Playstation 2 is set to become the most successful console in history, selling more than NES and SNES combined and still charting at the moment.

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Amazing, but I guess something had to pass the GB sooner or later.

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noooooooo poor GB, and GBcolor. you can maintain your lead.



So how long till the DS passes the PS2?

Well we can always add GB + GBP + GBC + GBA + GBA SP

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hound said:
So how long till the DS passes the PS2?

 Ha! Now that is the question. A potential 65 million by next march, maybe 85m by March 2009 if all is still going well but can it pass 100m?

The DS has quite a ways to go. If it is on the market for more than 5 years, it will have a chance. Also, when is it financially smart for Sony to pull the plug on the PS2? Cause the PS3 is going through their profits like a prostitute on payday.

By then, they should release a new version of the DS. Either that, or an all new portable system, with Tri-Screen, 1 and a half touch screens, and tilt-sensitivity feature. It shall be called the Nintendo TS.

Wouldn't the PC be the most successful game system ever? After all you are considering multiple versions of GB and DS and PS2 in your totals, so wouldn't all of the various versions of PC's be considered the same and thus be way over the 120m units sold?

Both technically weak compared to their peers - esp. the original GB. It's not a fair comparison tbh as the GB series featured numerous significant upgrades whereas the PS2 always remained the same. You could easily argue that PS1 & 3 sales should be included in such a comparison.