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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Opinion: Is Nintendo being greedy with Super Mario Maker?

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I see a lot of understandable hype coming from Mario maker, because it is both a Mario game and a level editor that you can share levels with other people.

But is it fair that Nintendo is releasing it as a stand alone game? I mean, look at LBP3, a game that has both Story Mode and a very complex Level Editor in the same game, along with many other cool stuff. Mario Maker for instance can't compete in terms of graphics with LBP but also doesn't have a story mode. The pricing is about the same from what I've seen on amazon, so I don't think is very fair that Super Mario Maker will end up selling more that LBP3 for example.


Do you also think Nintendo is being greedy/lazy with Super Mario Maker too? That they should have put more effort in making it a more well looking game and with Story mode as well?

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not sure why nintendo didnt include it in super mario bros.

well... actually... i do. the reason is this way they sell 2 games instead of one, and not including a story mode in this saves them more money. to get to the point though, yeah, this should have been with its own story mode.

I don't see why it needs a story mode. As for the poorly made graphical point, Mario Maker has four different graphical styles from across Mario Brothers' history, so I think that's irrelevant. Finally, doesn't Mario Maker also come packaged with a book and some other things?

From my understanding there will be a bunch of pre-made levels thrown into the game from the start, so players can play the game from the get go. It may not have a story attached to it, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter because Mario storylines are throwaways anyway.

Plus I think calling Nintendo greedy because it doesn't look as good LBP is disingenuous. They are offering four graphical styles that are interchangeable at an instance. I hardly consider that lazy.

From what I´ve read/seen I´d say they should simply price it accordingly. $20-20.99 with long term support of free dlc seems to be fair.
About the LBP comparison: LBP is a full game with an extensive creation mode (yes LBP is more than a simple lvl editor) whereas SMM, again as far as I know, is simply a level editor with reused assets. I really don´t know if there is a single new asset in that game. However SMM will sell boatloads (I predict 5m).

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I don't see your point about the graphics, since Super Mario Maker uses graphics from old Super Mario titles in a distinct retro way. Just imagine how the old SMB titles could have been if they had all the possibilities from this title to make their levels. Stacking ennemies, giant ennemies, all the new different things that can come out of pipes, cannons and blocks, land ennemies in underwater maps and vice-versa...

While there is no campaign mode, the way this title plays out looks like a campaign would make no sense at all. LBP has only one graphic set, so it's much easier to create a coherent campaign, SMM on the other hand looks more as if a pre-defined campaign would hurt more than help. Everybody can create his own campaign (Levels 1-1 til 8-4, just like in the first title) with his own maps, which is more to the tone of the game imo. Also, LBP needed some backstory, something Mario really doesn't need anymore at this point.

The only thing Nintendo could do imo would be integrate in some way the old Mario titles from which SMM draws its tilesets from into the game or get a free download for them in the eShop.

As long is it isnt released broken

No i dont think so, nintendo are doing a great job with super mario maker

Mario Maker isn't released yet. The current price on amazon could be a placeholder price.

Maybe judge it when you have seen all it has to offer. Also it has four graphical art styles and the most modern HD one is fine. Not donkey Kong tropical freeze nice but still