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Madword said:
JRPGfan said:
Madword said:
Mike_L said:

I'd be devastated if SE's decision to make this a timed exclusive ends up having permanent negative consequences for the series.

I fear that not many PS4 owners will support the series if RotTR PS4 releases 6 monts later. :(

Buy this game XB1 owners!

I think its not going to be pretty for the game. I loved the last one, but It cannot compete with games like Battlefront and FO4. The decision to release on XBO only is probably going to seriously damage the game :( - I really dont think it's going to get that much support from the XBO community, and taking into account that it sold way more on PS4 anyway... gah.

When it comes out for the PS4 who knows, but the longer it is the less inclined i will be to pay full price for it. Not only that but next year is looking mad in terms of game releases... they couldnt have come up a worse plan. The next tomb raider after this will be some weird episodic crap like hitman... thats how dire i think its going to be.

I pretty much agree, this could end up being a expensive error, if the Xbox community dont step up and really support it by buying it.

The fact that the video it has from E3 is at like 250,000 views only... could indicate intrest isnt as high for it, as I thought it would be.

And it wouldnt surprise me if some of those 250k are not even XBO owners (for example I watched it cause I am interested in the game).

 I am sony fan, but for me its because of the "gameplay" was just a beautifull to look but just too full of QTE and no real gameplay, and nothing i want to watch again after, but maybe you both is right but i hope not for the series !

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