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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumor: TWO Nintendo E3 event leaks(take with grain of salt)

Intresting, but Nintendo almost never leaks, so no.

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Regarding the gamepad thing in the first leak, is that something people would want? Having to buy 1 or maybe even 2 (since the new pad according to this leak seems to be better) new gamepad(s) for like, who knows, $100 each to unlock new features in some games?

I forget how easy it is at this time of year to make up whatever you like and have it gain a load of traction on forums.

Wonder which one will be closer to the truth.

Well... i read the first 2 portions until the new Golden Sun and i stopped. If this is true, its going to be awesome and i dont want to ruin it for myself anymore.
I will say one thing though. A new Golden Sun is extremely likely since its almost 2 years since mario golf came out on the 3DS with Mario Tennis released before that. There is no sports game for Camelot software planning on the 3DS anymore and chances are Wii U ones wouldnt sell super well when the 3DS entries seemed to be declining. So, theres only one IP left to work on, and that is Golden Sun... or a super secret colaboration with SEGA for Shining force 4. Since that would compete with fire emblem, its not so likely.

So, yeah... the 2 things i read made alot of sense, o i stopped reading just in case.

Amy pls

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A WiiU gamepad and pro controller revision would make a tremendous amount of sense, though I'm not sure it would happen.

The rest of the predictions seem pretty close to what we could really expect.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

LOL @ Bayonetta DLC

too good to be true

"Golden Sun: Secrets of the Ancient Temple gets announced for Nintendo 3DS with a first trailer and will launch in 2016. More details will come in the future."


I hope this 'leak' is fake. That name is absolutely terrible and does not incite one with much enthusiasm. 
Judging by a lot of the content listed I would say the first leak is definitely fake. They may have made a couple of corrects guesses, but the amount of things that they listed simply makes it coincidence. There is no credibility.

The second leak has some more possibilities of having some actual potential leaks, however, this leak still appears to be very doubtful.

the 2 gamepads will never happen. it makes no sense to put hardware into the gamepad so you have more power at all. eb. who wont use the new gamepad wouldnt be able to play those games

cannonballZ said:
Yea, soon as I read dual gamepad gaming, my thoughts went directly to thinking this is fake. Sounds too good to be true, remade gamepad with analog triggers? I wish.

This is where I went to this is fake as well.  It's just too bad though, cause an E3 presentation like this one could turn around the sales whoas of the Wii U.