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Forums - Sales Discussion - Vgchartz!!! ioi deceived us, hardware up to May 16th is up!!!!!!! Check weekly hardware comparison to see all updated weeks

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Wooo, knew it would be back sooner or later

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50.4% PS4 MARKET SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

And the 50% marketshare hurdle has been taken as well

Yes, yes .

General sales took a small nosedive. Not good.

In the wilderness we go alone with our new knowledge and strength.

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2015 YTD Vita > Wii U

Slow sales alround since the last update it seems.

I'll be damned, here I thought ioi didn't care about us anymore.

Hardware Sales appears to be depressing during this time. Good thing E3 is around the corner to cheer me up.

Ok, I'm way too lazy to put all the hardware weeks in the OP after all, so you have to check the link I put in :D