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Forums - Sales Discussion - April 2015 NPD Thread! XBO #1: 187k, PS4: 174k, 3DS: 116k, Wii U: 42k

WiiStation360 said:
Based on VGC current projections of zero sales for the month:
- PS4/XBO/3ds seem way under tracked
- WiiU slightly under tracked
- Vita seems about right

Lol gotta love the subtle jabs on here.

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Maybe with this data from NPD, we can also expect an update on VGC numbers? ayyy lmao

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...

Tag a lad!

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Damn, the lack of vgc numbers is starting to look bad. Brett does the numbers alone, so his super long absence is troubling considering numbers are what the site was created for.

Let the blind lead the blinds!

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alabtrosMyster said:

Let the blind lead the blinds!

NPD is a blind estimate?





The PS5 Exists. 

DonFerrari said:

Seems like boutros is too lazy to make a decent op... Where are the numbers?

I could make them up. I guess it'd be just as accurate trolol