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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Official E3 Microsoft Conference 2015- IT HAPPENED!!! Rate the conference- Post your thoughts!!!


Rate the conference!

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8 46 17.10%
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Objective: To deliver a fast, easily accesible, and seamless experience before, during, and after MS' E3 Conference. The nature of this thread is dynamic as news and headlines will be changing. The thread will be updated before E3, which includes prediction discussion, news, and overall hype. Also, after the conference, news will be presented in bulleted format on the front page for quick accesibility. This includes videos, as well as descriptions. I only ask that you be respectful before, during, and after the conference. Let's make this thread and conference memorable, and have fun. Cheers! 

Microsoft Pre-E3 Conference (Confirmed)

Quick Recap: 

Halo 5 Gameplay
Gigantic Gamepaly
Forza 6 Gameplay
Rare HD Collection - 30 Games - 30$
Son of Theives - New Rare IP
Fable Legends Gameplay
Minecraft Hololens Demo
Gears of War Ultimate Edition
Gears of War 4 Gameplay
New Exclusive from Keiji
Tomb Raider Gameplay
Backwards Compatibility
ID@Xbox Montage
Fallout 4 Marketing
Division Marketing
EA Access - Dragon Age + Titanfall
Xbox Game Preview (Early Access)

 Timed Exclusive from Dean Hall">"><img src="

Around the Network">"><img src="

Rise of the Tomb Raider Sneak Peak!!!! See you at E3!!!



Blast From the Past: Microsoft Press Conference E3 2014

View on YouTube


Black Tusk Studios Becomes The Coalition 



Forza 6 Information leaked...


Plants Vs. Zombies Exclusive Worldwide Reveal at MS Conference

View on YouTube


Halo 5 Blowout Extravaganza


-20+ maps at release, 15+ free DLC maps added by June of next year

-Squad Commands will be in for AI teammates, apparently similar to Republic Commando (343i Creative Director Timothy Longo was the Lead Designer on Republic Commando back when he worked at Lucas Arts). Commands include attack, picking up a specific weapon, driving a vehicle, using a turret, and reviving a downed teammate.

-No splitscreen co-op, but drop-in/drop-out online co-op is available, allowing additional players to play as AI squad mates. Each chaarcter will have a different starting loadout and unique HUD. The old co-op respawn mechanic has been replaced, you now have to revive downed teammates. A gold subscription isn't required for online co-op.

-All multiplayer Spartan Abilities are also available in singleplayer. Ground pound has been moved from a right stick click to holding down the right bumper.

-Locke's Team is called Fireteam Osiris. Members are Edward Buck (introduced in Halo 3: ODST), Holly Tanaka (introduced in Halo Escalation), and Vale Olympia (new character that will be introduced in an upcoming book named "Hunters in the Dark").

-Singleplayer map design is less linear, there are alternative paths through levels, including some that are more stealthy, such as sneaking through a vent in order to flank a group of enemies.

-A brand new Multiplayer Game Mode is in development, no details yet, other than that it uses all aspects of the Halo 5 sandbox (Big Team Battle replacement?)

-Locke's team has access to a new system caled ATS (Artemis Tracking System) which can be used to search for clues, useful for hunting Blue Team. This system will also make finding alternative routes through levels easier than it is for Blue Team to find them.

-Joe Staten has no official role on the Halo dev team, he's working on other MS Studios games, though he is writing a new Halo book that will be released in December.

-The audio team is not reusing any sounds from Halo 4, they're re-recording everything in order to better take advantage of next-gen technology.

-Beta feedback has reen used to redesign certain aspects of the multiplayer, for instance the map Empire has seen some changes, such as certain entry points into the bases being closed off.

-New symmetrical multiplayer map that features an underwater research facility. Heavy red/blue coloring for easy navigation and callouts.

-Cortana's "ghost" will appear some in Halo 5. Apparently caused by Chief's memories of Cortana.">"><img src="

Conegamer -------------------------------------------- Lost Odyssey Sequel

Carl2291 ------------------------------------------------ Banjo Theeie 

MikeG85 ------------------------------------------------ Acquisition of Remedy

Captain_Yuri ------------------------------------------ Scalebound (More of it) 

TiagoCosta---------------------------------------------- Shenmue 3

Kinisking ------------------------------------------------- Viva Pinatas 2

JLC215 ---------------------------------------------------- Gears Remaster 

Fusioncode ---------------------------------------------- Splosion Man 3

Vasto ------------------------------------------------------ Crackdown gameplay

yvanjean -------------------------------------------------- Xbox One exclusive JRPG

MoHosanie ----------------------------------------------- New Slim 1 TB Xbox One (with new controller)

starcraft --------------------------------------------------- New Conker game

shikamaru317 -------------------------------------------- KOTOR 3 Exclusive

EspadaGrim ----------------------------------------------- Battletoads Reboot Digital

NobleTeam360 ------------------------------------------- Halo Wars 2

jmurph2 ---------------------------------------------------- Killer Instinct Season 3

iceland ------------------------------------------------------ Banjo Theeie

Versus_Evil ------------------------------------------------- Lift London Desk Similator

Jazz2K -------------------------------------------------------- Perfect Dark Reboot

tonyskate ---------------------------------------------------- Alan Wake Remastered for Xbox One

Slade ---------------------------------------------------------- Viva Pinata for Xbox One

True_Fan ----------------------------------------------------- Lift London shows a game">"><img src="

************ PLEASE POST ONE PREDICTION (NOT ALREADY KNOWN, OR TOTALLY OBVIOUS) FOR THE CONFERENCE. You can post more if you want, but I only want one. in the section for each user.

I'll put them in the predictions section. Welcome all!">"><img src="

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We're open? Excellent work Slade!

Will try and find the E3 bingo card at some point but one "off the wall" prediction will be the announcement of a new game, either a sequel to, a remake of or a spiritual successor for, Lost Odyssey.

We can dream.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Woo hoo! Excellent job as usual Slade!

Welcome to the hype club Microsoft fans.

Please enjoy your stay. ^_^

Banjo Threeie



Microsoft announce the acquisition of Remedy (I have a hunch)

Please show scalebound!! I want to see more of it


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