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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I know our rating system is Ridiculous, but this is... well... Ridiculous!!

Who's giving Bully on Wii a 10?

People on all sides do this, you can't just blame Nintendo Fans. Microsoft and sony people do it too.

This system shouldn't even be here. Since most votes given are either a one or a ten. And it's only because people want to say that they have the best games on the system. It's a vicious cycle, that will stop once the rating system goes away.

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RolStoppable said:
I have said this before:

The ratings were set in place to keep the fanboys busy with voting, so that the reasonable people don't have to deal with them so often in the forums.

 Of course...we didn't count on the fanboys being ADHD multitaskers, even managing to do a thousand profile refreshes between classes.  

Poor Brawl, poor Uncharted, poor ratings system.  Poor people who actually make a big deal out of all this.  It's Wii fanboys, Sony Fanboys, XBOX fanboys....hmmmm....I see a common theme. 

I like the WTF picture. Great.

But why do some of you always care about game ratings and rankings, anyway ?

I own Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck for DS. Hm, maybe I should rate it 10 to make this "brilliant" game more popular...

This is the people's rating system, people are voting for the games. Lots of people may just hate brawl and with that hate they are more inclined to vote. Thus since they hate the game, they don't like the game, they don't think the game should be rated higher.

Most of what you guys are saying is that people don't analyze the game and fully rate it based on gameplay,story,graphics,artwork,music, etc. But people are just voting here, anyone can vote, if more people like brawl and think its good people should vote. This rating system is more against the people and why they don't or do vote.