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Blastoise and Crobat.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Clefairy ain't bad either :)

StarOcean said:

I''m guessing you're into tentacles right?

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Mewtwo - Charizard - Pidgeot - Squirtle


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i remember when I caught my first Larvitar in one of the Sevii Islands in Fire-Red. I nurtured it, raised it until it became the beast that was Tyranitar. :'(

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Slabadorn! His wind attack is unbeatable!!

Okay. I lied. I never played a Pokemon game. I just wanted to fit in. :'-(

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Always changes but for now, Vaporeon

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uran10 said:
StarOcean said:

I''m guessing you're into tentacles right?

There are much better Pokemon out there for tentacle lovers like Tentacruel, Jellecent, Malamar, etc. I just love the design, Octillery is adorable :3 and reminds me of the Ocktorok's from early Zelda games.