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Forums - Music Discussion - Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating!

LurkerJ said:
Are they still together?

Yes, and they seemed very happy together last night when she was winning every award back to back to back to back.


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bananaking21 said:


New breakup song incoming.

she'll have a new album idea in 2-3 months tops when they break up

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I hope they make a porn

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Ps3 said:
Tamron said:
Pop music sucks.
Also, you say she's the biggest thing ever, I disagree, going off the pic in op she has borderline anorexia.

Don't be ignorant. Musical wise she's the biggest.

Yeah, no.

In none of the album top lists.

Really low on singles list.

I get it, you like her and her music a lot, but she isn't anywhere near the biggest "musical wise". and at this point she is merely a platform for other artists to profit from through royalties/acrediting from making the music and writing the lyrics and affiliation.

It's actually rather embarrassing reading your posts and comments, and seeing just how obsessed you are with her... it's actually sort of disturbing too.

Calvin who? Still dont understand her popularity, the music is average and her looks is maybe a 6.

Kinda off topic but as a non-native english speaker, does dating mean sleeping together?

And by sleeping I mean having sex, not just sleeping next to each other, just to be clear

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Ps3 said:
Gilgamesh said:
This is significant because?

Because she is the biggest thing in music.



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