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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Nintendo of Europe better than Nintendo of America?

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Both kinda suck, to be honest. 22 18.18%
Meh. I'd take Nintendo o... 9 7.44%
Show me the results! 12 9.92%
I Don't want to answer your damn poll! 10 8.26%

Besides usually releasing games a couple months after US and Japan, yes
Nintendo of America really pisses me off sometimes, like the horrible Amiibo stocking and no regular New 3DS
I do love Reggie and Bill though

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EU is getting Senran Kugura collectors edition with a boob mouse pad where as NA is getting a limited physical release with shit all... Yes NoE is better


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Gonna have to go with NoE. Sorry reggie

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Nintendo of europe is crap (customer support)

I'm quite satisfied with NOE.

Great pre-order bonuses and cover art and plenty of amiibo stock (at least here in Denmark).


Also Shibata > Reggie imo.

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We didn't have to beg for Xenoblade. And Satoru II is so much better than Reggie.
NoE > tofu chicken > NoA

I like Shibata because he just sounds like a sluuring drunk when he speaks English.

Hard to say... but I'm really sad that NoA did not release the standard n3DS...

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I think Nintendo of Europe has more autonomy to do things on their own. Since Iwata's ascent to the top NoA even with Reggie proving to be an excellent front/hype man has had trouble getting things done on their own, such as certain releases and the ability to get certain games released that would have gotten more support in previous generations.

We seriously wouldn't have gotten Xenoblade, The Last Story or Pandora's Tower without NoE taking the initiative to localize them first. For that I am grateful.

NOE are the reason Xenoblade made it over while NOA didn't seem to acknowledge the game, Project Zero 2 I hear never made it to NA, NOE and Shibata seem more willing to either take a chance or just bring a game over to compliment the library.

Overall I'd say NOE are better.