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Forums - Music Discussion - Favorite Anime OP?

Animes tend to have really good opening themes, (some are shit though) so I wanna know, which is your favorite? Mine would probably be...

Watemote: or

The original Sword Art Online one:

What says you? Please do link them below!

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Both Akame Ga Kill! (original) and Knights of Sidonia for me.

I like the K-on/Haruhi ones but I like their endings a lot more


                               Anime: Haruhi                                                                                                           Nsfw Anime Thread                                     

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Again by Yui - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

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Both Dragonball Z openings (childhood <3)!

No Links due to copyright issues, not in specific order ...

青い栞, (Anohana) OP1
割れたリンゴ (Shinsekai Yori) OP1
コネクト (Madoka Magica) OP1
My Soul, Your Beats! (Angel Beats) OP1
Crossing Field (Sword Art Online) OP1

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