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Forums - Music Discussion - FROOT is finally here!!

YES! It's finally here! FROOT launched worldwide today, and it's absolutely amazing, Marina and the Diamonds has long been one of my favourite musicians, and she's killing it with this album. Personally, my favourite track is Weeds, but they're all fantastic. What do you guys and girls think? Are you a diamond? Let me know!!

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Are you the Marina and the diamonds version of Ps3?

Nope, I like lots of other people too, I just changed my avatar to celebrate the new album release!

Neat, I'll check it out.
Lies, Primadonna & I Am Not a Robot are some of my favourite songs.

Im a Ruin slays my life right now

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Yaasss! Marina is QUEEN! I love every album of hers and, as expected, this one is amazing as well. My favourite song right now is Savages but Immortal is a close second.