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I only got like 5 people who aren't pending. Add me people.

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Nickname: DaX
Wii Code: 6031 7118 6014 5911
Brawl Friend Code: 1547 4908 0188

Thanks for doing this, RubangB.

I added everyone on list 2 up to twestern, I also added Wasumara.

It might be a good idea to make a list of 16 or 32 each considering some of us will have friends that not on the list. Instead of having 65 (including you) sharing the same list, everyone should have different friends. Anyone that is hosting a game with different a friend list will allow you to play against others that not on your list.

Just a thought.

Wii Console Name: Wildcat

Friend Code: 7641 5356 3079 0411

Wii games purchased: RE4:Wii, RRR, Zelda:TP, Trama Center, MP3

Wii game want list 2007: MySims, Fire Emblem, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Anyone up for a game? Feel free to message me with Steam, I'm BenKenobi88, or AIM with LordoftheXP

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I just added the following to my Brawl list. Would add more but there is a 64 limit.

Elisaul: 4382-1650-0795

BenKenobi88: 0173-0991-5508

fazz: 3909-7207-4150

thekitchensink: 0001-2996-7794

BCrayfish: 4940-5129-1316.

MaxwellGT2000: 0130-1457-7187

Bursche: 4382-1668-1880

kitler53: 2449-4323-0730

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DOes anybody wanna play?

For the people that decide to add me: If you add me, send me a PM with your code. I'm not going through this list adding every player, you'll need to let me know if you decide to add me.

I am Washu-bot B, loyal servant of Final-Fan, the greatest scientific genius in the universe!

I will be on latre tonight just rememebr I suck so far. I haven't quite got used to the controller and may have to pick me up a GC controller...even though I like the way the nunchuck feels in my and better it feels so awkward to try and rake out the combos.

Mine: 3952-6734-0516

Anyone on right now? 

not at the moment soon though gonna eat dinner and take a shower then i'll be on all night... add me my code in my sig