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Forums - Sales Discussion - January 2015 NPD Thread! Hardware estimates up!

GribbleGrunger said:
Kerotan said:

Yes it will. If wii u is lower than vgchartz then we know it's super fucked this year. We can get a good idea of the ps3 vs 360 and ps4 vs x1 post firesale. 

Are you just talking in terms of potions or average gaps in sales? I took it that you meant gaps in sales. What I meant was the gaps in sales between the PS4 and the XB1 won't be reflected well in January but will likely be reflected in Feb/March.

I mean if ps4 wins easily it's gonna win next 10 months handily. 

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Too late for me this one.  Tagging to check in the morning though.

Time sure flies! Tagged

I wish 3DS was flat for January but New 3ds release date announcement might have killed it(Even the announcement in Japan hurted the sales in the west,imagine now that the west has its New3ds/xl release date,thanks god that is just a month!)

I'm prepared and I won't be shocked!:P

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Predictions :
Ps4 : 242k
Xone : 166k
WiiU : 54k
3ds : 115k
Vita : 6k :(

Hiku said:
Kerotan said:

I mean if ps4 wins easily it's gonna win next 10 months handily. 

This NPD will be very interesting. If PS4 wins this month (and it's not super close like a couple of k between them), then that would be the logical conclusion.
In which case I wonder if MS will react again?

First thing that comes to mind is a pricedrop in EU from €400 to €350.

3 hours to go, yes?

Getting on a flight 10 mins before, but ill take a look when i arrive,,,, 8 hours later.