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Will Vita+3DS break 100m?

Yes, It will 28 36.84%
Nope, i don't think. 48 63.16%

3DS should sell almost 10M this year, add 15M for years after.
Vita can reach 15M
so i dont think so.

3DS+wii U is harder to speculate.

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I doubt it. The 3DS will have to start selling a ton for them to reach 100 mil, and it's been on the decline. They'd have to release some killer games to make them fly off the shelves.



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If lucky, 3DS will get 85m and Vita will get 12m. So no


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I agree with you, thinking pretty much the same. I don't think they'll make it, but they won't be that far.

I still see 3DS matching PSP and GameBoy Advance, so it should end at just over 80m. Vita however, I don't see reaching 20m anymore, 15m at the most, which is, too few, and they'll have a combined total of about 95m.

Such a far-cry from the 235m-ish portable hardware sales in the 7th gen...