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Has already been said but Pokemon Amiibo, in Pokeballs. Train at home, bring to friends house to battle. Easy!

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hsrob said:

Has already been said but Pokemon Amiibo, in Pokeballs. Train at home, bring to friends house to battle. Easy!

I'd be happy if those things never touch Pokemon.

Well, this is new.


Poke Tournament should tho.

Because they don't sell....oh wait

1 Pokémon Stadium N64 1999 Strategy Nintendo 3.18 1.24 0.94 0.09 5.45
2 Pokémon Stadium 2 N64 2000 Strategy Nintendo 1.02 0.36 1.13 0.23 2.73

Looks like they do sell. Maybe that's why there's a game called Pokken Tournament coming out for Wii U.

Welp, that sucks a lot


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no problem the main game be on handhelds only.

But where the fuck are my pokemon snap, stadium, colloseum?

Can we at least get non-main series Pokemon RPGs on Wii U?

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spemanig said:

Yeah, but they already have other ways of encouraging social play, like the Friend Safari. (Which I hate, for many reasons, but that isn't the point) I know that the Oracle games are destinct. I'm staying that the versions could go that route instead, while also taking a Friend Safari approach to version exclusives. Instead of it depending on which version you buy, they could depend on more intimate elements of your game, like what Friend Safari does with your friend code. It could allow each individial to have their own unique ecosystem without depending on versions. 

I hardly think making twice as many Pokemon games is the solution here. It's already practically annualized.

Also, think about what you're suggesting. Instead of developing one game, making some minor changes to it, and selling it as two versions, they'd be developing two entirely different games, effectively doubling their workload. Now take into consideration that one of those games would require HD assets and a huge 3D world and we are so, so far beyond merely doubling the workload. And the end result of this is that you might get some players to buy both games. That does not sound like an attractive proposition for a company who has posted a net loss the past three fiscal years.

GameFreak isn't big enough to churn out games like that. They'd have to become a bloated mess of a dev team to do this.

Money is the obvious answer but there are people who'd play a pokemon game on a console I'm telling you. Make a MMO RPG Pokemon game and see what happens. The world would explode. If you have internet you can trade pokemon like other MMOs do. Whatever they say. I can't argue with the creators of the thing because, they aren't going to listen anyways.

spemanig said:

"But there are a lot of people who want a home console version, we know. Especially now with internet features that let people battle and trade. But the way that handhelds allow people to come together... if we could figure out a way to make that happen on consoles it would be an option on the future, but right now that’s just not possible."

Aka, the next generation Nintendo console and it's unified platform with the next handheld. They aren't even hiding it anymore. They know exactly what we want, they just don't feel like they can implement both our wishes and their wishes on the current hardware. They aren't even saying that it "could" be possible. If they can do that on consoles, it will be a future option. They will be able to do that on the next console, so it will happen. Pokemon RPGs won't come to the Wii U, but they'll definitely be on it's successor.

I still think what he's saying is stupid, though. If Nintendo release the RPG on consoles, and a Stadium/Pokebank-like app on the 3DS, non of this would be an issue. People don't want a console Pokemon to "play at their own pace;" they want a console Pokemon because the much stronger hardware allows for a bigger, more detailed, and more fleshed out world than anything even remotely possible on the 3DS and systems prior.

But whatever. All this does is ramp up my impacience for the next Nintendo platform, as it will be the start of something great on all sides.

you're trying too hard on the fusion thing.